Expert eyeliner procedure

Eyes, they communicate, captivate, smile and can speak silently, yet with incredible intensity. This is where we engage with another’s face. Like a fine painting, I frame your eyes with a soft color of your choice. I can give a lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes, even make them appear larger and more animated. Permanent eyeliner provides a beautiful frame of color that can even be seen through eyeglasses, making eye color vibrantly sparkle and dance.

My lash enhancement gently places pigment between the lashes to provide a truly magnificent and natural frame that softly surrounds the eyes.

I will work with you to design your permanent eyeliner to your taste and assist you with what flatters your eyes best. Lash enhancement and permanent eyeliner are a favorite among people on-the-go, allergy sufferers, and those with contact lens sensitivities.

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It's an Amazing Service!
"What a great service. I had permanent eyeliner done and they explained each step. They were so friendly--the kind of gals you want to hang out with. I would recommend them for all their services as they are professional and have been doing this for years. Make your appointment. You won't regret it."
Mary Smith
Wish I Had Done it Years Ago
"Debi is absolutely amazing I LOVE my eyeliner, i cannot recommend her enough. I only wish i had done it with her years ago.... fear stopped me lol The location is lovely & clean and safe."
Julia Haimes
Can't Say Enough Glowing Comments
"I had permanent eyeliner done a couple of years ago & absolutely love the results. I would highly recommend Debi to anyone."
Trish Halford